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About Start11

Start11 is the industry's most advanced Start menu. Fully customize the Windows 10 and 11 Start menu experience with unique features, designs, and restore classic functionality from previous versions of Windows.

Key Features

  • Personalization: Make your Start experience personalized to your exact preferences.
  • Productivity: Bring back functionality that was removed from Windows 11.
  • Standardization: Create a common desktop experience when working with multiple devices.
  • Control: Remove unwanted outside content and sections of the Start menu that you don’t want to see.


Make your Start menu a personalized experience.

Start11 is a Start menu replacement that lets you bring multiple different styles to Windows 10 and 11.

  • Personalized to your preferences

Customize your Start menu by adding or removing sections, changing the icon, adding tabs, and a lot more.

  • Customizable from top to bottom

Easily change the colors, transparency, spacing, alignment, icon size and more.

Enhance your productivity with essential features.

Add new functionality to the taskbar and restore classic features.

  • Faster access to your content

Easily pin files and folders directly to the taskbar or create a folder menu to quickly access content without having to open File Explorer.

  • Restore classic functionality

Bring back a fully featured context menu for the taskbar or move the taskbar to the top of your monitor.

Take complete control with an improved search experience.

Improve your search experience with no distractions and better results.

  • Customized search experience

Your most frequently used content appears higher in the results and supports deep integration with the Everything search engine.

  • Advanced Index Functionality

When paired with the Edge browser, open tabs will also appear in your search contents.