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About ObjectDock

ObjectDock allows you to access shortcuts and frequently used applications from an animated dock.

Key Features

  • Access your shortcuts and applications from an animated dock
  • Add as many docks as you wish
  • Drag and drop application launching
  • Customize your dock with robust options


Enhance your desktop with a customizable dock.

ObjectDock is an animated dock for Windows that enables you to quickly access and launch your favorite applications, files and shortcuts.

  • Customized to your desktop

Create a dock that optimizes your workspace with multiple styles and content types.

  • Personalized to your preferences

Easily change the size, colors, font, transparency, and backgrounds of a dock.

Multiple styles with unique features.

  • Tabbed docks for perfect organization

Add a tabbed dock to your desktop to easily keep frequently accessed files, links and other content neatly tucked away on the edge of your display.

  • Quick launch for fast access

A quick launch dock is perfect for accessing commonly used applications and you can add multiple docks to your desktop.

Take complete control of your dock.

  • In focus or out of the way

Advanced options let you decide if a dock is always on-top or hidden when using other applications.

  • Styled to perfection

Easily change the effects of a dock to adjust the icon size, effect, transparency, and a lot more.