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About ShadowFX

ShadowFX lets you instantly add drop shadows to Windows 8 and 10.

  • Without ShadowFX
  • With ShadowFX

Key Features

  • Add drop shadows to Windows 10/8
  • Apply 10 shadow styles included for free
  • Choose black or colored shadow styles
  • Create your own drop shadows
  • Download additional shadows at


ShadowFX enables users to add distinctive drop shadows to the windows of Microsoft's Windows 10/8 user interface. ShadowFX immediately personalizes the user experience by offering a choice of standard or colored drop shadows that add dimension and visual separation to the desktop. Nearly a dozen drop shadow styles are included with each ShadowFX download and more are available for download at Stardock's community site.


ShadowFX users can also create their own shadow by adding their own graphics and some edits to the shadow files. ShadowFX also has it's own gallery on WinCustomize where other users share their creations for others to download.


Shadows can also be customized with the shadow builder tool in ShadowFX. Adjust the shape, transparency, blur and more to customize the shadow to your liking.