WindowFX Changelog

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WindowFX 6.11

  • This should workaround issue with Gimp and external plugins causing hangs when having close animations enabled

WindowFX 6.10

  • Fix for UI at 125% dpi
  • Performance tweaks for animations
  • Fixed for mixed DPI setups
  • Fixes for things not filling the screen correctly when set to half screen
  • Animations are set to run at 120hz now instead of 60
  • Now supports animating Universal apps for window dragging and command prompts now support animation

WindowFX 6.05

  • Fix for WindowFx not working on Windows 10 (pending) update.

WindowFX 6.04

  • Fix for a hang in explorer when using taskview

WindowFX 6.03

  • Fix for Windows Insider issue
  • Fix for uncolored burn-away effect

WindowFX 6.02

  • Inactive Window tweaks
  • Miscellaneous fixes

WindowFX 6.00

  • UI Updates
  • Windows 10 Compatibility
  • New Options on the Right-Click Menu
  • Enhanced Monitor Edge Sizing
  • Option to Make Desktop Icons Semi-Transparent, Unless Selected

WindowFX 5.15

  • Added new SAS activation and trial code

WindowFX 5.12

  • Added support for Windows 8.1