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WindowBlinds 10.89

  • Fix to work around a problem with start buttons having buttons go under them and potentially being made much less wide with that MS patch to add in the News and Weather link on the taskbar when that setting is set to be hidden
  • Should fix the glass area at the top of maximized explorer windows not repainting right and store windows now always use glass frames on entire edge vs part

WindowBlinds 10.88

  • Resolves an issue with items on the links bar (when set to show on the taskbar) when in light taskbar mode picking the wrong theme part.
  • Fixes the version of Windows shown on the about page (note 20H2 shows a number that's slightly lower - this is an OS issue).
  • Fixes an issue with the previews on the transparency page in WB config screens when in dark mode not resetting the sliders when clicked.
  • Addresses an issue with Firefox (if set to skin) after going fullscreen (F11).
  • Should someone be using custom firefox themes that allow the browser to be skinned without the titlebar having to be turned on, they can force WB to theme this by adding the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Stardock\WindowBlinds\WB5.ini\WBLiteFX\AllowFFAlways = 1
  • Updated WB build with a small fix so the 'do not play sound option' checks the right place (Registry vs an ini)
  • A fix for an issue with the new weather applet on the taskbar not respecting the theme background
  • Fix for the taskbar buttons not always painting correctly
  • A fix for some drop-down boxes now showing highlight colors and using a grey background instead of COLOR_WINDOW
  • Extended options for wallpaper alignment modes to include Fill, Fit and Span
  • Fixed issue with wallpaper changer not changing sometimes
  • A fix for a possible explorer crash on later OSes sometimes

WindowBlinds 10.87

  • Fixes the reported issue with UIS2 skins and not painting the text in the tree and the gap for some UIS2 skins with new explorer windows.

WindowBlinds 10.86

  • Fixes an issue with electron framework apps (like Skype) being excluded when they have a standard caption
  • Fix for Chrome losing frames in some situations.

WindowBlinds 10.85

  • Firefox no longer has an issue with the min, max, close buttons clicking when firefox is allowed to skin but the titlebar isn't set to be above tabs. (It will not use the WB skin in this mode)
  • Firefox, when titlebar is above tabs now, paints the caption text correctly
  • Thunderbird no longer paints black in the top right corner and the main window is excluded from WB
  • Chrome / Edge paint the titlebar correctly on initial launch now
  • PDFLite / SumatraPDF no longer has a missing tab bar. Due to the way this app works the titlebar with the tabs is excluded
  • EM Lite app is now excluded as it is entirely custom and was experiencing issues with WB skinning
  • Skype may now animate with WindowFX
  • Start menus with animations may no longer show under the start menu when used with Start10 and WindowFX animations. Please note menus that use blur will not animate with WindowFX.
  • Added dark mode support to WindowBlinds config UI. Force this via the top right cog if on Win7 or always want dark mode regardless of OS setting
  • Worked around incompatibility with OpenShell/ClassicShell where it does not disable its taskbar skinning and so stops WB skinning the taskbar
  • Auto excluded electron app main windows
  • Note: Adobe Acrobat, when in-app container, mode no longer renders without frames on Windows 10 (It cannot use the WB skin however as it is sandboxed)

WindowBlinds 10.84

  • Fixed option menu painting issues

WindowBlinds 10.83

  • Compatibility with Windows 10 1909 update

WindowBlinds 10.82

  • For some skins, the time was not painting correctly or not showing at all
  • For some media apps (Windows Media Player for example), the controls were being clipped on taskbar hover preview

WindowBlinds 10.81

  • Windows 10 1903 compatibility improvements and bug fixes

WindowBlinds 10.80

  • Improved skinning support
  • Compatibility with Windows 10 1903 update

WindowBlinds 10.74

  • Fix for Windows 10 October 2018 issue with not skinning titlebars of universal apps correctly
  • Some dark explorer mode fixes
  • Fix for multiple monitor taskbar hang issue on theme apply
  • Fix for ribbon on Windows 10 October 2018 update when in dark explorer mode
  • Fix for malformed right click taskbar context menu for Win10 1809 build 18252.1000
  • Fix for painting issue on Windows 10 insider build

WindowBlinds 10.65

  • Fixed - Task Manager buttons not painting until mouseover (Nvidia)
  • Fixed - GeForce Experience crashing during Google log-in
  • Fixed - Screen corruption in GeForce Experience
  • Fixed - Taskbar failed to skin in Insider Build for Fall Creators update
  • Fixed - Crashes in Insider Build for Fall Creators update
  • Fixed - Some Modern apps were unskinned but should have been
  • Chrome on Win8 excluded from being skinned (due to Chrome incompatibilities)
  • Added option to clear settings on uninstall

WindowBlinds 10.62

  • Fix for interaction bug with Avast Antivirus (and possible other applications)
  • Fix for [Alt-Tab] not being visible
  • Tweak for Chrome titlebar when switching from fullscreen YouTube back to maximized window
  • Fix for menubar text blank in Firefox
  • Excluded Telegram Desktop
  • Tweak to Chrome and IE max window repaint on switch from fullscreen

WindowBlinds 10.60

  • Fix for scrolling in random skin configuration

WindowBlinds 10.59

  • Fix for NetFlix full-screen to window
  • Fix for bold fonts in Calendar
  • Fix for small icons on taskbar
  • Tweak for Skype Preview
  • Tweak for Google Chrome

WindowBlinds 10.58

  • Insider build fixes (Up to 15058)
  • Fix for Edge
  • Fix for Calculator
  • Fix for Explorer Ribbon losing color on sleep
  • Fix for logging out and back in when applying certain skins (Corporate for example)
  • Fix for Windows 7 Explorer rendering issues

WindowBlinds 10.57

  • Fixed seach icon in explorer and start menu
  • Fixed broken navigation arrow button in Explorer
  • Fixed Groove resizing issue -
  • Fixed odd text painting issue when switching from default theme to WB skin in explorer
  • Fixed issue with Start10 when not using WB theme (but WB on) - not having shutdown text visible if just switched from default theme
  • Tweaked modern app frame
  • Fixed a problem with modern apps on Win10 Insider 15042 where if you resized them tiny the app would not resize or move again
  • Fixed problem with the desktop menu on Win10 Insider 15042 not having text sometimes after switching from default theme to WB skin
  • Fixed Win10 Insider 15042 window prompting users to only use Store apps - Titlebar was not skinned

WindowBlinds 10.56

  • Performance Improvements (like when you resize a window).
  • Windows 10 Insider Build fixes
  • Better high DPI handling in skins with shadows as part of frames
  • Improved blur on high DPI on Insider builds
  • Fix for Skype menu bar
  • Fix for black frames around MMC (Event Viewer)
  • Rendering improvements

WindowBlinds 10.51

  • Fix for Hyper-V
  • Fix for Systray Anniversary edition
  • Win7 fix caused my DPI changes
  • Fix for part of config turning black over time

WindowBlinds 10.5

  • Apply skins to universal applications!
  • Blur the area behind skinned areas (Windows 10 Anniversary [and later])
  • Taskbar preview skinning on Windows 10
  • Skin OS ribbon controls and blend in better with titlebars
  • Completely hide the Windows Explorer ribbon
  • Improved handling of high and mixed DPI settings
  • Option for using standard Windows menus which skin better on desktop
  • Option for applying system accent color based on theskin selected (either auto generated or via AccentColour setting under System Colours)
  • Improved skinning for Mozilla applications

WindowBlinds 10.07

  • Windows Insider build Compatibility

WindowBlinds 10.03

  • Windows 10 Compatibility!
  • WindowBlinds supports min/max/close buttons for universal applications
  • Three new skins from Danioc
  • Improved DPI scaling for large monitors
  • Improvements to LibreOffice skinning