Tiles Changelog

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Tiles 2.0

  • Auto-hide tab will now save new position when moved with SHIFT held down.
  • Brother print/scan app doesn't show extra redundant windows in tiles list.

Tiles 1.91

  • Tweak to how Tiles makes shortcuts so they are unicode always.


  • Light mode support
  • Tiles UI dark mode support
  • MS edge now detected as a web browser for the web page
  • Extended Unicode support
  • Improved high dpi support
  • Faster text drawing
  • Filter for maximized windows (when minimized they vanish from the list)
  • Groupy tabs hidden from the taskbar will now be hidden in Tiles as well
  • Show Groupy groups together as child windows of the most visible window
  • Fix issue with selecting child windows as off by 1 sometimes
  • Fixed issue with not always remembering the last page selected
  • Fixed issue with thumbnail dragging flickering when not on the primary monitor
  • Window lists now respect the Windows 10 virtual desktops so only applications running on the current desktop show
  • Fixed issue with selection rectangle being out of alignment on high dpi screens when scrolled partially off-screen
  • Fixed issue with thumbnails for electron framework apps (Whatsapp, Teams) sometimes painting oddly
  • Blur on Windows 10 changed to Acrylic blur and able to be forced on
  • Removed momentum from mouse wheel scrolling on the lists
  • Idle performance tweaks to reduce base cpu usage
  • Curtains now apply the vertical taskbar background

Tiles 1.20

  • Windows 10 support