Start11 Changelog

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Start11 Release

  • Changed new to count as 2 days old not 14 for newly installed apps on Win10/11 menus
  • Made expanding sections in config menu have a more obvious arrow
  • Added indicator line on left side of config sections which have action on click (switch to new page or expand section)
  • Added missing offset mode on Win10 (offset only when centered start button)
  • Fixed issue with link in search results to webc search showing blank search when launched via keyboard vs mouse
  • Removed universal applications link from Win10/11 menus as relied on Win7/Modern menu having been run at least once in the current session (may come back in future)
  • UI tweak to workaround MS issue with Chinese font substitutions
  • Fixed search not factoring in date for files when generating sort order
  • Start buttons that are too small for the current dpi will now be scaled up
  • Fixed an issue with custom start button on Win11 opening up MS start menu if you clicked to the very right of it
  • Added some missing strings to ENG / ENG US lng files
  • Fixed issue with missing Run as administrator option for some apps
  • Fixed issue with precision touchpads and scrolling again
  • Fixed missing lookup for "Advanced" text in the config screen
  • Fixed missing lookup for Pin to taskbar and Unpin from taskbar in right-click menu
  • Fixed issue with autohide taskbar on Win11 sometimes making menu open and instantly close if you click on the start button
  • Fixed issue with being able to have folder and item mouseovered in all apps list
  • Found problem with Stardock Curtains and Start11 centre taskbar options. An update to Curtains is planned to resolve this.
  • Fixed issue with VS2019 tiles (when in experimental tile mode) being blank
  • Fixed it so you can scroll the Win10 list with a wheel mouse whilst dragging items to make positioning icons easier with long lists
  • Fixed an issue with tooltips with & in them showing a _ instead of &
  • Undid a change that removed UndockingDisabled registry key detection
  • Fixed config to detect above setting so settings which apply to Win10 show vs Win11 when on Win11
  • Prevented you from dragging things into the recent apps list on Win11 menu
  • Possible fix for installer non-western language issues reported in: