Multiplicity Changelog

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Multiplicity 3.57

Passcode for audio will be hidden by default when settings are locked.

Multiplicity 3.56

This has some changes to the keyboard handling queue to further prevent the possibility it could stall things

Multiplicity 3.55

  • Further tweaked the pop-up issue
  • Fixed KVM sidebar to be high dpi aware, fixes positioning issue reported here:
  • Fixed an issue that when you close the KVM sidebar, the desktop space for it was not freed correctly

Multiplicity 3.54

Multiplicity 3.53

  • Greatly improved file transfer speeds from Primary to Secondary PCs.
  • Fixed an issue that would have the Multiplicity sound mixer volume reset to match master volume upon reboot (it should have kept its edited position but did not)
  • Fixed KVM crash issue introduced with 3.50 (was slipstreamed into 3.50 when found)
  • Added larger Secondary quantities 32/50 for Seamless mode (was only working for KVM prior). Increased grid size limit to accommodate
  • Added Multiplicity restart option from systray menu:
  • Fix for high DPI on Primary causing accelerated mouse movement on lower DPI Secondary
  • Multiple Monitor scaling and mouse function issue

Multiplicity 3.50

  • Adds a flush DNS entry to the right-click menu (for when your computer has changed IP and the OS doesn't know as it has cached it)
  • Adds a message about disabling the cloud clipboard sharing in the OS if detected once
  • Adds text about the VirtualBox network adapter breaking WakeOnLan
  • Tweaks how it handles cursors if PCs are under heavy load
  • Modifies how it polls for certain events which might make it more friendly to machines with huge numbers of CPU cores rather than potentially keeping them awake
  • Swaps the mouse buttons if you have swap mouse buttons enabled so it doesn't double swap.
  • Should address the issue with cursor shrinking in mixed dpi setups
  • Fixed issue with Drag and Drop that could have it not work consistently if Primary had a higher DPI scale than the destination Secondary
  • Fixed an issue where the Primary setting 'Prevent secondary computers auto sleeping whilst using this computer' would not work.

Multiplicity 3.44.90

  • This is a maintenance build that consolidates the code base for EdgeRunner, Stardock, and the Object Desktop versions of Multiplicity and allows for consolidated future improvements.