IconDeveloper Changelog

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IconDeveloper 1.2

  • Ability to export icons into multiple graphics formats (PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, etc.) at once.
  • Can export ICLs as individual icons (very handy for ObjectDock users for instance)
  • Ability to work with GIF files
  • Support for IconPackager 3 files
  • Numerous usability features

IconDeveloper 2.10

  • Added new settings Open File Location and Save File Location which store last locations used to open/save files
  • Added ability to pass in argument to open a specific icon within a collection for editing from command line
  • Added a command line function that will load and save a single icon or collection or all icons and collections in a folder
  • Added a Maintain Aspect Ratio option to the Icon from Image operation
  • Decreased overall memory usage
  • Fixed numerous bugs

IconDeveloper 2.11

  • Added ability to change background of preview (so you can preview how it might look on wallpapers).
  • Added ability to use custom sizes for icons
  • Sundry bugs fixes