Fences Changelog

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Fences 3.13

  • Fixed issue where rollup Folder Portals were not rendering icons properly

Fences 3.12

  • Fixes for WPE compatibility
  • Fixes Windows Explorer crashes from crazy long (URL) shortcuts paths
  • Fixes issues where Steam users could be prompted for a Stardock key under certain conditions

Fences 3.10

  • Improved startup times
  • Disabled icon move animation (currently disabled with new installs only)
  • Resolved issue with folder portal 'flicker'
  • Resolved incorrect sorting (name, date, etc) of icons outside of Fences on the desktop
  • Fixed an issue with roll-up Fences where icon artifacts were left behind
  • Much work was done to get icons to correctly go to proper monitors on multi-monitor systems
  • Fixed issues with single width Fences (Fences with one icon horizontally)
  • Addressed issues with MS Office icons not remaining in Fences after edit and temp file creation. Example:
  • Fixed an issue where restored snapshots were not also restoring color settings
  • Fixed issue where selecting icons on desktop could select hidden icons in a roll-up Fence
  • New feature: Target based Rules: For example, works for 'steam' links, or any .lnk, .url, or .website file. (Resolves the target, and applies the match to the target).

Fences 3.09

  • FEATURE: Added language override selection
  • FIX: Fix to help maintain consistent sort order in a fence

Fences 3.08

  • FEATURE: Added Dutch localization
  • FEATURE: Added French localization
  • FEATURE: Added German localization
  • FEATURE: Added Polish localization
  • FEATURE: Added Russian localization
  • UPDATE: Performance optimization for desktops with large icon counts

Fences 3.05

  • FEATURE: Added simplified Chinese Localization
  • UPDATE: Heuristic improvements (icons go where they should go and shouldn't fall out of fences)
  • UPDATE: Improved start process (users were having to right-click on desktop to show Fences)
  • UPDATE: Fixed Folder Portal spacing for Windows 10 Insider Redstone-3 Fast Track, spacing logic tweak for RS2
  • UPDATE: Improved bug reporting
  • FIX: Fixed issue where drag/drop into a roll-up fence failed
  • FIX: Fixed issue where hidden icons would save excessively during mousedown events
  • FIX: Fences could crash while performing activities such as switching monitors, resizing desktop area, initial startup

Fences 3.04

  • Variety of fixes for Windwos 10 Creator's Update
  • Fixed issue where details-view Folder Portals would not remember column order, size
  • Fixed issue where icon-view Folder Portals would not remember icon size in Windows 10 Creator's Edition
  • Fixed issue where icon label would not clipped by Fence area in multi-DPI scenarios in Windows 10 Creator's Edition
  • Improved upgrade method for replacing files
  • Fixed issue where Fence size could repeatedly grow larger in Windows 10 Creator's Edition
  • Fixed issue where it's possible to move icons off-screen in multimon scenarios.
  • Fixed bug with wallpaper shuffling
  • Fixed bug with background blur when wallpapers are set independently per-monitor (Win10+)
  • Fixed issue with icon spacing with DPI's greater than 100% in Windows 10 Creator's Edition
  • Fixed issue where icons would jump around on moves, deletes, additions on Windows 10 Creator's Edition
  • Fixed issue with desktop icon spacing on systems with multiple monitors with multiple DPIs on Windows 10 Creator's Edition
  • Improved most High-DPI visuals up to 350%
  • High-DPI compatibility improvements
  • Per-monitor DPI compatibility for Fence visuals. Titlebars scale on per monitor basis as fence is moved between monitors.
  • Improved startup time
  • Fixed issue with drawing, where icons would appear partially black while clicking desktop

Fences 3.03

  • Updates /startup robustness & reliability
  • R-clicking anywhere on Titlebar opens the menu
  • Resolves issue where icons covered by other fences on general-desktop (not in fence) could still be clicked
  • Disables "escape" button from triggering autohide
  • Fixes bug where rollup/rolldown timer can get stuck, breaking rollup for a specific fence until reboot
  • Resolves issue where if Fence has too many icons, its column count reduces by 1

Fences 3.01

  • Fixes

Fences 3.00

  • New: Windows 10 support
  • New: Roll-up fences
  • New: Blur the wallpaper behind fences (Win10 only)
  • New: High DPI support
  • New: Portal navigation
  • Fixed: 100% opaque fences