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DeskScapes 11 Changelog

The Public Beta is an accumulation of 3 betas.

Public Beta (Public)

  • Fixed issue that could arise with Windows Remote Destkop
  • Translations finalized:
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Korean
    • Portuguese Brazilian
    • Russian
    • Chinese - Simplified
    • Chinese - Traditional

Beta 3 (ODNT)

  • Fixes an issue with some dreams on secondary monitors not aspect ratio correcting (dynamic only)
  • Fixes a bug with if you had settings open for a dynamic dream and clicked outside the window below you could get the app stuck
  • Dream updates: "Pan and Zoom" dream now included
  • Edits to welcome screen
  • Prep work for translations

Beta 2 (ODNT)

  • Fixes issue with the 4K flag on some dreams showing incorrectly
  • Alters screensavers to terminate process vs exit on mouse move etc
  • Fixes issue with screensaver applied message up and being able to make app look hung
  • Tweak to wallpaper change detection
  • Tweak for performance loading up playlists
  • Small tweak to the font size on search checkboxes
  • May fix issue with remote desktop - should no longer pause
  • New option for playlists where it will change either after X seconds if non-video or when the video ends (if a video)
  • User-submitted request:
  • Now has options to update playlists if new files added (must re-add folder)
  • Installer tweaks

DeskScapes 10.02 Changelog (9-4-2019)

  • Addressed issue with dream extraction failing for some installs - resulting in dreams not applying
  • Fixes issue with backgrounds when disabled on Windows 7
  • Addressed errors when trying to run msra.exe with DeskScapes installed

DeskScapes 10.01 Changelog (5-15-2019)

  • Minor bug fixes

DeskScapes 10 Changelog (4-30-2019)

  • Seamless WinCustomize library integration
  • A new desktop background manager
  • Comes in light and dark theme modes
  • Supports h264 videos
  • New additional effects
  • New Premium Dreams Included