Curtains History

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Stardock's Curtains was first made available to Object Desktop members as a beta in April 2020.

Stardock is well known for its customization programs including Fences, Groupy and Start10. It also is the developer of classic GUI “skinning” apps such as WindowBlinds. Unlike WindowBlinds, which is far more comprehensive, Curtains doesn’t take over the painting of the Windows GUI but instead works akin to how Dark and Light mode on Windows 10 works. This means that it inherently takes advantage of different DPI settings and is able to leverage apps that already support Dark and Light Mode.

Curtains includes several new styles such as Graphite, Crystal, Sky, and Midnight. It also includes styles that give users the ability to change Windows to look like previous versions of Windows (XP, Windows 95, etc.), as well as alternative operating systems.