Curtains Changelog

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Curtains 1.19

  • Fixes a repaint issue with the taskbar, prevents curtains from interfering with other taskbar controlling applications when taskbar skinning is disabled (reboot required after changing)
  • Fixes a problem with the background of part of the ribbon when in glass mode

Curtains 1.18

  • Fixes the issue with the black copy/move dialog after you reg hack to enable that
  • Exposes the option for absolute middle text positioning in the UI as well as fixing an alignment issue with that for some apps

Curtains 1.17

  • Resolve issue with beta version of MS edge - where website search boxes were not showing recommendations
  • Fixes and issue with the vertical tabs option that could have resulted in a visual glitch

Curtains 1.16

  • It fixes a blank background behind the 'news and interests' taskbar section in the latest insider builds of Windows 10.
  • Fixed blank space under titlebar with new version of Chromium

Curtains 1.15

  • Fix for a blank line with glass in explorer

Curtains 1.14

Note: Was initially 1.13 but we found an issue, updated the build, and had to bump the version.

Curtains 1.12

  • Should stop the text moving up on a titlebar as you add more blur
  • Adds a force glass explorer backgrounds option to the light/dark drop down. This is disabled for Windows 10 style and if a style has glassy backgrounds set. This setting is global and applies to all styles when set (apart from those mentioned)

Curtains 1.11

  • When picking edit on a style if you press escape or the close button in the titlebar it aborts the edit
  • Fixed issue not seeing shadows when creating modified skins when using a language which uses Unicode characters

Curtains 1.10

  • Bug fixes

Curtains 1.01

  • Modified how the naming of styles work when creating one that could have resulted in an upload crash
  • Fixed a possible issue when editing a theme that could result in Windows Explorer crashing repeatedly
  • Fixed issue where if you open Edge or Chrome from a shortcut to a webpage you get errors
  • Fixes an issue where explorer could crash out when opening a new MS edge instance
  • Fixed an issue with some Univeral apps where the titlebar text did not get updated when the file being viewed is changed.
  • Fixed an issue where opening a URL shortcut (from the desktop) would create duplicate tabs in Chromium browsers
  • Forum discussion

Curtains 1.0

  • Fixed an issue that could result in titlebar UI elements showing an onhover state when the cursor was away from them.
  • Fixed a tool window border issue with a number of style
  • Fixed a font issue in the config app where the font for some UI elements gets switched to a small bold one after using the advanced properties window
  • Fix missing back button in Windows Photos app
  • Fixes a small memory and a handle leak
  • By default, Curtains will now skin Chromium browsers
  • Fixed an issue where Curtains would always prompt for restarting browsers even if you didn't have the option enabled to theme them
  • Forum discussion